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New York City crime is at an all time high. This trend did not happen within the past two years during the Covid Pandemic but a continuation from the previous administration. As a former NYPD Officer and 9/11 First Responder Survivor I will be tough on crime. We must hold the current DA's, Judges and Prosecutors accountable for allowing repeat violent offenders to be released back into our communities.  The "NO BAIL CATCH AND RELEASE" system must be repealed and done on a case by case study, according to past arrests.  We as a community must come together and be the eyes and ears to end the violence and senseless deaths.  I am calling on the Mayor to start a community police outreach unit to reconnect the community and NYPD. I would like him to establish CPTF, Community Police Task Force to bridge the gap and help one another. Together we can make New York City one of the safest cities again. Change Is Coming To Queens and New York. Can you feel it?


Homelessness is a national problem but here in our city it is a disaster and getting worse.  It has reached highest levels since the Great Depression in the 1930's, with Black and Hispanics affected, mostly. Until we end this critical issue our communities can't grow and prosper. There needs to be an investigation and audit done within the shelters. The system is a total disaster from top to bottom and need more competent people running it.  Crime is a problem with a revolving door that leads to nowhere, within the majority of the shelters.  We can do better and I will call on our elected officials to do so.


Affordable Housing has to be made "AFFORDABLE" not just for the people making $75,000 or more... changes need to made to have a fair chance at landing a decent place to live for all.  I am calling on the elected officials to seek changes in the income structure which includes upstate New York incomes which drives the cost of an apartment, out of reach for families in New York City. Also the application process should be made less difficult when applying.  Home is where the heart is and we need leaders that can actual put themselves in someone else's shoes and make the necessary changes. I am and will be that leader for the people.


Jobs and Small Businesses are like a hand to a glove ,they go together! We have to get back to what made New York City the safest and greatest city in the country. That would be job creation and a Job Czar working with small businesses to get us back on the map.  Small businesses is the core and foundation to lower crime and financial stability within our communities. New Yorkers are strong willed with a sense of we will not be defeated and not even Covid19 can defeat our New York spirit. We must open up our great city and thrive and prosper to bring back the tourism which made our city one of most sought out to visit and move to. Start spreading the news! Change is coming to Queens and New York.


Our youth is the backbone of our community because they are our future. Unfortunately 30% of NYC youth live in poverty, increased homelessness, overcrowded schools and high unemployment.  Also there is a lack of supervision after school and this is a major problem.  Elected Officials need to come up with a plan not with words but with action.  Trade and Charter Schools should be built which would eliminate the overcrowding. Monies should be used for every young person of working age that want a Summer job should get one. Let's bring back after school programs which was very helpful when I was in school. It will give them a place to go and keep them off the streets. Last but not least, parents must do their jobs and tune up their parental skills and not leave it up to the streets or the police.  Our youth are our future....We must show and teach them how to lead! 


Our Seniors, the cream of the crop with wisdom and soulful intuition. We must treat them with respect and dignity with affordable housing, excellent medical benefits, protection from predators with harsh penalties including fines.  Age discrimination is major problem and it needs to be addressed. It should be taken seriously because a lot of companies are getting away with it. There should be a specialized unit in place to take complaints and follow up with action like a class action lawsuit, punitive damages, fines and jailed if necessary. This may deter future age discrimination and help our seniors be productive and healthier. It breaks my heart when I hear their stories.  We can and must do better!

Committee to Elect Marilyn Miller
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